Handcrafted Certified  Oak Master® infusion closures


The  Oak Master world  is part from the Macaulay & Cumming Heritage  Company. We are the  licensed patent, design holder and world marketer  of the OAK MASTER® Infusion Closures.  We have the best closures providers  and  the highest grade quality of oak  available. Our main provider GANGUTIA Tonellerie selects the oak  for uniform grain tightness and is aged outdoors to achieve tannin reduction, proper moisture content and development of complex wood compounds.

The wood used in the OAK MASTER®  Infusion closures  naturally dried outdoors  for 2-3 years in  La Rioja,    so there is less tannins, dry extracts and IPT. Due to the natural drying, wood provides less amount of coumarins, reducing bitterness. In addition it is proven that the level of contribution of vanilla aromas is double than by artificial drying. The same effect appears to the eugenol. The natural drying method provides  fewer lactones, but abundant cys-isomer, which are the ones that produce the smell.  PEFC (Certificate of Conformity Chain of Custody of Forest Products) and all this supports the commitment to the care and environmental sustainability atmosphere.


The toasting process is achieved by convection rotary ovens to obtain a more homogeneous and deep toasted range, quality that can not be obtained by traditional toasting methods.


"All OAK MASTER® Infusion closures are made manually and are assembled individually under patent license ".





OAK MASTER® ALTERNATIVE infusion closures


The Romans discovered that oak barrels were the best for wine transport. Oak wood is strong, yet flexible and easy to work. It is also waterproof and prevents the escape of liquid but allows the entry of oxygen, which is essential for the maturation of wine. Thanks to the oxygenation, a slow oxidation process begins that makes the wine acquire its aromas, colours and flavours, characteristics of ageing. The wood softens the texture of the wine and stabilizes it. The polymerization that occurs during maturation can soften tannins and polyphenols that can be found in the skin of the grapes. The timber also provides new colours, giving pigments. Other elements, such as lignin, add flavours. Maturation in a barrel also allows the wine to have a longer life in the bottle.


The barrels are one of the most important but also the most expensive in the production of wine, beer and spirits. Their life expectancy is only 3 to 5 years. Formerly the winemakers made their own barrels by hand, today most are bought.  


More than two thousand years later we are optimizing resources and finding innovative manners to treat the wine, spirits and beer by creating OAK MASTER® alternative infusion closures which combines an innovative closure with the development of a detailed polymerization  analysis of wine inside the bottle. Adaptation of this system in the winemaking process achieved extremely positive results in various fields: innovation, economic, environment and educational.  The consumer  also obtain different degrees of maturity and quality of the wine, beers and spirits depending on the  application variables ( wood origin, weight and toasted degree) .



 *The different properties of the wine achieved may vary depending on the volume of application, oak origin and toasted intensity.






Oak Master® LAB is operating from 2017 under BRC IOP Global Standard Packaging application in process. Our innovative infusion closures are manually assemble to perfection.  



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