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Several factors influence in the development of the application of OAK MASTER® infusion closures practice, especially in growing in areas of the New World countries. One factor was the lack of availability of timber suitable for the manufacture of barrels. Many of the producing regions of the New World must be imported from Europe or the United States timber to be used for ageing wines. Another factor would be economic for reasons of competitiveness.

 The wines produced in the regions of the New World had to compete with their European counterparts renowned for its long tradition.  Elaboration and introduction of the OAK MASTER® closures is the way to compete, as innovative and alternative system with the wines and spirits  produced in the target market (mainly European and American). On the other hand, the OAK MASTER® application in the bottle allow the processing of large volumes at very low cost with a drastic reduction of losses through evaporation, as contrary occurs with ageing in barrels. Furthermore, the homogeneity of the whole organoleptic is not necessary, as each bottle is unique and has different qualities in terms of the handling of the bottle, a factor which in the case of ageing in casks is equally difficult to achieve because each element behaves independently, forcing the end of the process of a sensory and chemical analysis in oak barrels to be relevant, and discard the rest and make a blend of qualities to achieve homogenization.



The sensory differentiation of OAK MASTER® closures  is an important part of their success and the barrel in such case, would be a failure. Another phenomenon to consider, is the fact that ageing in barrels needs storage space, which is very important, and also a significant investment in air conditioning systems for  temperature and humidity controlling, and the energy expenditure that entails. In summary, all these factors and no doubt more could be added to this list, as the considerable labour savings.

Reducing the capital tied up in long ageing wines, and the opportunity to offer a new alternative infusion system that creates a new  trend in consumers, will be the foundation of success for the wide acceptance of the OAK MASTER® closures.



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